About us

The "SEO Bradford" website was created by the design team at iKLIK (an Ellis Mayes & Partners company) to give them a separate website that they could optimise to promote their Search Engine Optimisation skills.

The result?

If you've found our website we must be doing something right, but how many businesses can say that about their website?

We speak to many business owners who have spent hundreds of pounds having a website built only for them to tell us that us that it hasn't brought them any business. The first question we ask them is if we do a Google search for their type of business in their town, where do they appear, to which most people advise us that they don't know.

When we ask them if they want to improve their ranking, we already know the answer!


Search Specific

If a customer wasn't aware of your business, what would they type into a search engine to find you?

We can show you exactly what your potential customers are searching for and bring them to your website!


Risk Free

Once we have identified the relevant search terms for your business we will optimise your website.

Optimising your website will improve your search engine ranking which will will increase the number of hits.


Free website if required

Want to promote your business but don't have a website to promote?

If required, we will build a website for you free of charge, it's just £10.00 per month to cover the hosting.

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